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My House – #13



My House – #13

Pathway Learning: “My House” is a song of unlimited possibilities for children in PreK through 5th grade. It allows children to go wild with their imagination by exploring their thoughts about what they can do in their house, which is their mines.  

This song works well for lessons about future careers and desires.  Children are often unclear about the reality of what they need in life, and how to achieve their goals. This lesson addresses these concepts along with teaching self-esteem, analytical thinking, creative movement, improvisation, and following directions.   

Wisdom Note: When writing ask yourself;  “What teaching methods do I plan to implement to achieve each objective?” and “What learning tasks will the students need to complete to achieve each objective?”  

Parent-School Connection: Although you should never do your child’s work, there are ways you can help by helping your child keep track of assignments,

and be available to answer any questions.

Teacher Tips: In your always provide opportunities for learning at more than one performance level, and make sure that new ideas and concepts relate to past and future learning.““`