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Formal Education Can Start At Home



Formal Education Can Start At Home

This is a simple way that I started my child’s formal education at home. As a young mother, I understood that learning for my son starts at home with me. You always want to be your child’s first influence before outside influences.

I wanted a way to show him at a young age that I valued his education. I decided to create a study – friendly environment in his room. Along with his many childhood interest including (dinosaurs, video games, Educational TV programs, art, sports, etc.), I decorated his room like a classroom with books, learning games, concept charts and posters on the walls, which were periodically replaced to go along with his learning needs as he grew. It was not costly to do this because there is a wealth of educational materials being sold in different stores at a low cost. No matter what your child’s age, you instill in them to never stop learning.

From a little boy, I observed him using the books and walls in his room more and more as a tool to help him understand his assignments. He was learning cursive writing at the time and would look on the wall to see how to form the letters to write his name, and letters to me and Santa Claus. At a very young age, he was able to make the connections and use the decorations in his room to help him do his work with very little drill. There are many other areas in which parents can help in the formal education of their children. Studies show that children, whose parents are involved in their education, are more likely to get higher grades and test scores. Educators are always interested in what parents are doing at home to help their children succeed academically.