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Livy Leap Frog – #10



Livy Leap Frog – #10

Pathway Learning: When singing “Livy Leap Frog”, children are transformed into the world of a frog.  Through their imagination, they are transported down South to bayou country where swamps are filled with lily pads that look like shapes.

 It is a song about a lively leapfrog that teaches children in PreK – 1st Grade the 4 basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle).  The lesson plan also teaches and reinforces symmetry,  creative movement, following directions, and dramatic play.   

Wisdom Note: Make an outline of the major topics,  ideas, concepts, and principles that you plan on covering in your units.  Show how the topics and concepts that will be presented during the unit are interconnected and how they will contribute to the achievement of the unit goals.

Parent-School Connect: Read with your child.  You read a sentence or paragraph, and then let your child read the next sentence or paragraph.

Teacher Tips: Prepare that target specific concepts.  Check the instructional objectives you have written to be sure that they are sequenced according to your outline.