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“Numbers Are Lots Of Fun” – #5



“Numbers Are Lots Of Fun” – #5

Pathway Learning: “Numbers Are Lots Of Fun” has a smooth melody reminiscent of a Caribbean island steel drum band on a sandy beach.  The number –  numeral matching and rhyming flow through the song in a way that children in PreK – 1st. Grade can learn and retain.  The song and lesson plan teach and reinforce identification of number/numeral/number words from 1 – 10, rhyming, cooperative learning, sets, grouping, matching, following directions, and movement game.

Wisdom Note: Provide timely feedback to students regarding their progress continually through the school year.  During lessons, write down the names of         students answering questions incorrectly.  Make sure that each gets another chance to answer a related question before the end of the lesson.  Check off his/her name.  A way to check if students truly understand a skill is to have them restate the correct answer in a different way.  Use this technique often when teaching your lessons.

Parent-School Connection: Devise a system that rewards your child’s successes and progresses.  Parents are the greatest motivators for children’s success.   

Teacher Tips: Observe a peer teacher skilled in different types of student feedback techniques.  Then incorporate the techniques that would be appropriate for your classroom.