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 “Over My Head/Under My Feet” – #4


 “Over My Head/Under My Feet” – #4

Pathway Learning: Learning opposites is a great way to get children to understand the concept of spatial relations.  “Over My Head/Under My Feet” is a simple song that can be used as a starter in introducing the concept of opposites to children in PreK – 1st. Grade  The reality of spatial relations and opposites exist all around us in our everyday living.  The song and lesson plan teach and reinforce motor skills, spatial relations, opposites, cooperative learning, and following directions.     

Wisdom Note: Write lesson objectives on the board for each lesson.  Pause during the lesson and cite how the materials covered relate to pass objectives.  Then, during the closure of the lesson, have students answer questions related to each lesson objective.

Parent-School Connection: Daily, ask your child, “What did you learn today?” and be ready to provide feedback for their answers.

Teacher Tips: Periodically, give a short quiz at the end of a lesson measuring mastery of the lesson’s objective.  Collect and return at the beginning of the next lesson as a way of review and introduction to the next objective.  The quiz does not have to be graded.