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Start With A Song



Start With A Song

 In my career as an educator and teacher, I found that starting my classes off with music activities worked great as an impetus in helping children meet the challenges of the school year. It relaxes them and the atmosphere, and they quickly gain an understanding of how to learn in fun ways. It is important to engage children in activities to get them interested in learning.

The two greatest things you can give to children at the start of the school year are discipline inclusive with character education and good memories. Also, assure all of them that they can and will have a successful school year if they work hard and be good listeners. Go over the school and classroom rules, the objectives for the school year, and what they will be learning. Be as generous as you can with different ways of encouragement through behavior modification methods. Teach the children to have an, “I can do it!” attitude by letting them know how well they are doing when they try hard. Teachers are their source of information and inspiration. Tell them they are “amazing” and believe it!

Enriching your lessons with music can add many principle elements that enhance concepts to be taught, therefore increasing the probability of success. can become a motivator and a companion for your lessons. Music evokes creativity in children. It has an enduring and memorable effect on their retention of information. As an educator and teacher, I find that working with children is inspiring. Teachers should be givers of knowledge, strength, stability, and enjoyment in the classroom! They inturn can receive much satisfaction because of their many successful accomplishments.