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“The and activities are lessons for successful learning for children!”




Reason For Program

My reason for writing music for children was to fulfill a need that I encountered while teaching in my classroom for over 37 years.  The teacher’s ultimate goal and hope each school year is to reach all of the students in their classroom.  While I had a prescribed core curriculum to work with, it never provided enough for me to be able to reach all of the students’ needs adequately in the different subject areas and skills.  This was my motivation to write lessons for teaching that address skills and concepts using all the  modalities of learning.  Now, I’m able to share with teachers that may be struggling with these same issues in the classroom.  These lessons are now in a program called “CLAP” (Children Learn And Progress).  

The reasons why the program works so well is because of its emphasis on the learner and the different ways that children learn.  The children will naturally learn and develop favorites among the and activities, rhymes, finger plays, poems, character education concepts, and academics that help ensure early success in learning.  The program also enhances an understanding of integrated learning and its importance in the classroom today.  “Research studies focused on students have revealed that learning is an active process.  The learner is responsible for constructing knowledge and understanding through his or her own efforts and through involvement with objects and events in the immediate environment.”


Wisdom Note: Develop an interest inventory to identify areas of your students’ interest.  Then from the information learned about your students, enhance your plans and student learning by incorporating supplemental aids with planned lessons that are related to both the content you are teaching and the interest of your students.  You will find that teaching the content, and student understanding of the content will be more successful.


Pathway Learning: CLAP , music and activities represent “children learning and playing”’, which children do naturally  In the song, Clap!, the children engage in music and movement, and vigorously express themselves through dance while learning “Action Verbs”.  This song and activities are perfect for introducing and teaching lessons on Verbs. The children have fun while learning the difference between Action and State of Being Verbs.  Also, through this lesson, other concepts are being taught: feelings of free expression using their bodies and minds, creative movement using their imaginations, following directions, writing and expanding sentences, and art expression. Watch inhibitions fade while the PreK-5th. Grade children learn how to use Verbs with joy and exhilaration through the magic of Clap!


Parent-School Connection: This program is written in a way that anyone working with children can feel comfortable using; nursery schools, childcare providers, after-school programs, and individual parents. They can help their children learn through the different program components. The children will want to sing and do the original and activities over and over again. They cover the skills that children from PreK through 5th. Grade need to learn, to build the connections that cause out-of-school experiences to contribute to in-school achievement.  See Testimonials from people that have worked with the program.




“ The program’s usefulness is limitless! The prospect of working with the creator/consultant and the newest components has the school in a state of elation!”      
                                              Kindergarten Teacher

“Personal experiences with my grandchildren have demonstrated that the program is a vehicle of endless opportunities and possibilities for teaching. The products are enjoyable, easy to use and parent friendly.”
                                          Title I Director/Grandmother

“In the after school tutorial program, I observed that the children are more relaxed and happily learning after hearing the songs. The program motivates creativity in the children’s approach to learning. I have seen them design their own responses and games to the songs, and create new activities.”
                                          Community Developer

“A fantastic program for teaching academics!”                


“An exciting way to teach young children!”

“A great way for learning through music for young children!”

“The children respond to the music with excitement!”
                          Mild Moderate Teacher (7 – 9 year olds)



“I like singing the songs. They are fun and they help me learn. Me and my friends sing them at camp, at school and at home!”
Child/8 years old

“I really like the stories and because they are fun and entertaining. I like reading and doing the activities with my little sister and brother. Sometimes we change the songs and make up our own activities.”
Child/12 years old

“It is an excellent and wonderful program! The P.E. Teacher extended her program by making big numbers with the children and doing music and movement with the numbers they made. I feel that the program should be used in the regular classroom to extend the children’s learning.”

“The program helped us a lot. It kept the children’s focus and attention on things, and kept their enthusiasm and interest. We involved all of the children from Pre-K through 5th grade. We were enthusiastic about the program so the children were excited about doing the program too!”

“The little children in Pre-K through 2nd grade favored the program the most. The children would benefit greatly in their learning if the program was used in ADEPT and in the regular classroom. It definitely helps the children retain what they are learning!”
ADEPT/ Program Coordinator

“The program is SUPER! It is wonderful for reinforcing learning, and excellent for the little ones. The program should be used in the regular classroom.”
ADEPT/Activity Coordinator



“We “LOVE” the program! My 1st grade class sang Sharing and Friendship one day for the morning announcements at the school and they were a hit! The children love the Color Rock and Pretend Number Rhyme! The and activities also carried over with the children from Summer Camp!”
1st Grade Teacher/ADEPT

“The children in Pre-K through 4th grade look forward to the program. I use the music and activities in ADEPT and in my Pre-K classroom.”
Pre-K Teacher/ADEPT

“The music makes the children who don’t want to do, want to do. It motivates them! I am using the program with my grandchildren and a child that I am tutoring this summer.”

“I use the with my P.E. classes, Pre-K through 2nd grade. I also use them in Summer Camp. The children respond to them well.”
P.E. Teacher

“I use the program with the Pre-K through 5th grade children. My 7th grade niece comes and helps me and I allow her to do the program with the children. It motivates her too!”
ADEPT/3rd – 5th Special Ed. Teacher

“I do not work directly with the program but I observed that it really helps to keep the children occupied. They enjoy it and I plan to use the program in Summer Camp.”
ADEPT/Program Coordinator

“We used all of the music and some of the activities when time allowed. The children had fun improvising and changing the words in some of the songs. I shared the program with the P.E. Teacher at the school.”
ADEPT/ Teacher

The Clap song can be purchased individually or as one of the 48 found in CLAP Vol.1 & Vol.2 albums. They can be found in all major digital stores and streaming services, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Pandora and others. Also, the 48 week for the songs can be purchased individually.

Single Lesson Plan & Song – $5.00

Single Songs – digital price

Albums – digital price

CDs – $13.00

Original Single Story Book from “CLAP” with Lesson Plan & Song – $15.00


Teacher Tips

The beginning of July each year is the best time to purchase bulletin board materials for your classroom.  You will find many good bargains in all types of stores.  So don’t limit yourself to one place or one kind of store.  Some examples are Dollar Tree, Target, Wal Mart, and Thrift Stores.



At an early age, children are discovering how to learn and are usually highly motivated.  This is the time when reading to children is most effective to increase their chances of success as individuals.  Music is also often used as a way to enhance success in learning.  It is a common thread that connects us all in the world.  Literature and music are the framework of the “Clap” program, which is a proven and exciting way of teaching children.  It’s an ancillary curriculum of lessons that cover 48 weeks where children, music, academics, and fun collaborate.  Many opportunities for exploration and self-expression are created through its content which incorporate: songs, drama, chants, rhythms, rhymes, poetry, stories, and basic academic skills. Its  multi-sensory activities help children develop strength,  coordination, and  higher order thinking skills through their different learning styles.  “Clap” (Children Learn and Progress) was created with love for people and learning.  It makes learners feel good about themselves.  


“Clap” makes storytime more exciting and skill building more engaging with each song. The motivate the listeners to think and move while supporting activities that teach character education and culture.  “Clap” can be used to reinforce any education program involving primary children ages 4 through 10.  It teaches skills and concepts that are familiar and unfamiliar to the children.  As an added bonus, many of the activities and are great for use in childrens’ plays, parties, and playtime fun.  They are exposed to different music styles that include patriotism, movement, story telling, call and response, soul, rap, popular, blues, gospel, jazz, calypso, hip hop, and zydeco.


“Clap” is a user friendly program.  Evaluations are based on observation of the childrens’ retention of skills, progress, and excitement.  The role of the leader is to teach and encourage children through their senses, physical, and cognitive areas.  Blended learning is incorporated in the teaching process to help children achieve their learning goals.  The leader has unlimited and total flexibility of use with the components that are based on each child’s level and ability. You and your children will soon find yourselves daily singing, dancing, clapping and smiling with the songs and music of “Clap”.