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The Color Rock – #12


color rock

The Color Rock – #12

Pathway Learning: “The Color Rock” rocks!  It is an exciting song with a music accompaniment that gives learning colors/color words, shapes, and Verbs a Zydeco flair!  Children in PreK – 2nd. Grade will jump, sing, dance, groove, and move with elation when doing this lesson!  Tthe children will engage in vigorous creative movements with untamed energy when they are done with this learning fun.

Wisdom Note: Review that you have taught.  Revise your methods and strategies based on your students’ successes and failures, and retention of concepts.

Parent-School Connection: Arrange to have several parent conferences during the school year to keep up with any concerns and ways that you can assist in helping your child and the teacher.

Teacher Tips: Make sure that the structure of content covered in your always encourage the development of thinking skills.