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“Pretend Number Rhyme” – #3



“Pretend Number Rhyme” – #3

Pathway Learning: Music is powerful and universal because it makes people think.  It can make people happy and sad, raise their spirit, and put them in a mood to make them cry.  “Pretend Number Rhyme” is music that makes children in PreK – 1st. Grade very happy when learning to rhyme and count from 1 – 10 in sequence order.  The children will delight in the moments when pretending to bark like a dog, moo like a cow, flap their arms and buzz like a bee!  The song and lesson plan teaches creative movement, rhyming, imagination, counting 1 – 10, following directions, number sequence and identification.    

Wisdom Note: Have a designated place where students pick up homework and previous classwork at the beginning of class.  Use homework assignments to provide feedback opportunities to students.  Summarize in your notes the good and weak points from the entire class’s homework assignments.  Then set aside 5 minutes at the beginning of the lesson to discuss these findings.


Parent-School Connection: Have a designated place where your child does his/her homework daily.  Always show interest and inquire about what your child is learning each day.

Teacher Tips: To help with students’ understanding of skills and concepts, write feedback on each of their papers that is comprehensive; such as why his/her answer is correct or incorrect, or how to go about improving, etc.  Then discuss comments with the students individually when necessary.  This will help their reading and comprehension skills tremendously.