“Over My Head/Under My Feet” – The ReyBird Express #4


 “Over My Head/Under My Feet” – The ReyBird Express #4

Pathway Learning: Learning opposites is a great way to get children to understand the concept of spatial relations.  “Over My Head/Under My Feet” is a simple song that can be used as a starter in introducing the concept of opposites to children in PreK – 1st. Grade  The reality of spatial relations and opposites exist all around us in our everyday living.  The song and lesson plan teach and reinforce motor skills, spatial relations, opposites, cooperative learning, and following directions.     


Because of Katrina


Because of Katrina

12 year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

“Pretend Number Rhyme” – The ReyBird Express #3



“Pretend Number Rhyme” – The ReyBird Express #3

Pathway Learning: Music is powerful and universal because it makes people think.  It can make people happy and sad, raise their spirit, and put them in a mood to make them cry.  “Pretend Number Rhyme” is music that makes children in PreK – 1st. Grade very happy when learning to rhyme and count from 1 – 10 in sequence order.  The children will delight in the moments when pretending to bark like a dog, moo like a cow, flap their arms and buzz like a bee!  The song and lesson plan teaches creative movement, rhyming, imagination, counting 1 – 10, following directions, number sequence and identification.    


Bounce A Ball – The ReyBird Express #2


Bounce A Ball

Bounce A Ball – The ReyBird Express #2

Pathway Learning: “Bounce A Ball” is a song and lessons of music and movement that reinforces eye-hand coordination, gross motor development, following directions, ordinals, finger play, poetry, and visual perception and memory.  This lesson plan is done with varying levels of difficulty and subject matter.  The activities are open – ended and  no one is excluded.  Your PreK – 1st. Graders will love learning and playing the Bounce A ball game!


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Magic Vine Jr. Presents Clap, Vol. 1


Magic Vine Jr. Presents Clap, Vol. 2


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Magic Vine Jr. Presents Clap, Vol. 1


Magic Vine Jr. Presents Clap, Vol. 2



The Reybird Express – Lessons for successful learning for children!



The Reybird Express


“The songs and activities are lessons for successful learning for children!”




Reason For Program

My reason for writing music for children was to fulfill a need that I encountered while teaching in my classroom for over 37 years.  The teacher’s ultimate goal and hope each school year is to reach all of the students in their classroom.  While I had a prescribed core curriculum to work with, it never provided enough for me to be able to reach all of the students’ needs adequately in the different subject areas and skills.  This was my motivation to write lessons for teaching that address skills and concepts using all the  modalities of learning.  Now, I’m able to share with teachers that may be struggling with these same issues in the classroom.  These lessons are now in a program called “CLAP” (Children Learn And Progress).  


Reflecting On How To Have A Successful School Year




In the last school year, what worked at different levels and what didn’t?  What methods continue to be effective  each year?  It is important that we take time to reflect upon things that bring balance and enjoyment for ourselves and others.  I have found that positive words spoken regularly, are as advantageous for good health, as eating the right foods for your body type.  Both practices help in keeping your mind and body strong and feeling well.


Mother’s Hands – Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Hands

By Shirley N. Reyes

Her hands were like cotton, soft but strong.

They had many responsibilities.

They fed me when I was a baby.

They lifted me when I was down.

They washed me when I was dirty.

They chastised me when I was wrong.

They showed me how to do things that I now do because I am strong.

I always knew when they were around, because an aroma came with each task.

They entertained and applauded for me, to show that good times could last.

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Available in multiple colors.


Kaleidoscope – Numbers, Number Numerals, and Number Words 1 (One) through 20 (Twenty)



Kaleidoscope is an exciting counting song showing brilliant colors and pattern fun for kids in PreK through First Grade: numbers, number numerals, and number words 1 (One) through 20 (twenty). Kids will have fun singing along and counting with the funny bugs and characters!

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My House (Magic Vine Jr.) – Happy and Fun Music for Children


My House – Magic Vine Jr. – Happy Music for Children

Reybird takes you on a journey through your imagination in your house! Sing the song and come along….


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