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Mission Statement

Magic Vine Jr.

Arts in Education Program of Sunny and Rainy Day Fun Activities

Easy , , and that help children master the basics for               Teachers, Educators, Parents, and Childcare Providers

 Children tend to absorb information when it’s presented in easy, exciting, and enjoyable ways. These methods peak their interest and have a lasting effect when they are learning skills and concepts. Children genuinely gravitate towards music, rhythm, rhyme, and movement because these are some of the most fundamental ways to learn content. Learning is a journey of challenges that last a lifetime. The children of each generation are the community leaders of the future. Therefore, it is incumbent that each ever-changing community continually help and be involved in the education of its children.

 Always keep in mind that before children become well developed adults, they must first be allowed to be children. They need to be physically and mentally stimulated through visualization, imagination, movement, and fun as they learn and grow. Sometimes children are reluctant when trying to learn skills and concepts. From this understanding, we should prepare them early with a well thought out blueprint for success.

 Music is a powerful vehicle to use when traversing familiar and unfamiliar territory. It pervades all cultures and levels in society, bridging the gap for mutual understanding. Singing also enhances learning and is a proven method of concept delivery. Children need variety in their learning to gain a full understanding of the diversities in life. A key to effective teaching is when we help children become confident when learning. Magic Vine Jr. is a fresh and invigorating resource program teaching confidence and timeless  concepts to children, and supports Common Core skills and state standards. As it builds their cognition and self-esteem, children will want to sing the songs, watch the video clips, and follow the lesson plan instructions in the Magic Vine Jr. program over and over again. The music, songs, poetry, stories, chants, rhythms, rhymes, and lessons will have a lasting and memorable effect on their thinking, learning, and creativity. New wonders are revealed when they engage in the lessons. Children feel awe, pride, and excitement when they begin to realize that they understand and comprehend concepts.The feelings of accomplishment are almost indescribable, especially to a child who’s becoming self aware of their own capabilities.

 Magic Vine Jr.  multiple lesson plans are based  on higher order thinking and problem solving skills in the areas of reading/language arts, math, science, social studies, character education, music and movement. Allotted time for each lesson is at the discretion of the leader based on the ages and abilities of the children and the objectives. The program components can be used to introduce, develop, teach, reinforce and enrich. It uses a holistic approach to teaching that incorporates all learning styles and Art forms. Each lesson plan includes the words of the song to be used as a tool to reinforce reading and language skills. Children love having their own copy of a favorite song to read, and when learning to read.

The Lesson Plans and Songs are categorized as A,B,C:  

  • Lesson Plans A are for children in grades Pre-K – 2nd.
  • Lesson Plans B are for children in grades 3rd. – 5th.
  • Category C songs are for all age children.  

*NOTE: Certain songs are repeated on all levels to maintain the concept of contiguous learning. The lessons are written in a simple format for the leader and children. The program encourages freedom and boldness in a risk free atmosphere of creativity that is supportive, amusing, intensive and  fast-moving learning fun!

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